Helping the NHS...

Its taken a while for me to write this blog, and there's several reasons for that. The first is that we were very fortunate in our industry that we have managed to continue to work through the Pandemic and because of the nature of our work, we actually were busier than most businesses, which we are very thankful! The other reason is that it is still very difficult to comprehend that we are living through this pandemic and it's almost now becoming the 'norm'.

But earlier on in the year when we were first hit with Covid 19, it was difficult to know what to do with yourself as we were all in lockdown. Then with the help of social media, it became apparent that of course there were lots of thing we could be doing. The most simplest one was to contribute to the making of scrubs for the NHS. It first came about when I read on my friends post that she among others were starting to feel anxious about going to work as care workers in their care homes. They had only enough PPE for outbreaks in the care homes but nothing else to protect themselves on a daily basis. So we started to make face masks for them, which reassured them and made them feel safe. This then progressed to joining the 'Scrub hub' where we made masks, scrubs and bags for our local hospital.

We know it was only a small gesture, but it was lovely to feel that we had helped some people feel safe as they continued to do the main, important work that needs to be done! #nhsheroes #careworkerheroes