Curtain Poles

Wooden Curtain Poles come in a variety of colour finishes ranging from the traditional Mahogany to the new contemporary neon colours.

Poles vary in sizes from 50mm – 13mm diameter, and depend on the weight and design of the Curtains.

The Companies we work in partnership with, are all well established and are of the highest repute.

They include: Alison Davies, Byron & Byron, Hunter & Hyland, Fabricant. You can click on the links to view their catalogues are online.

Wooden Poles

Metal Poles

Metal Curtain Poles come in a wide range of finishes ranging from the traditional ‘Brass’ to the more contemporary which are Chrome and Satin nickel Curtain Poles.

Metal Curtain Poles and their different finishes can reflect light into the room and add a different dimension. Sizes of Poles vary but the most popular are 35mm Curtain Poles as they can take most weights of Curtains.

Are main suppliers of metal poles including: Jago, Hunter & Hyland, Tilly’s, Jones Interiors. They are of the highest quality and their catalogues can be viewed online by clicking on their links below.