Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains have been around for awhile but tend to go in and out of fashion. They have a contemporary design to the curtain heading but leaves the curtain hanging beautifully in simple folds. I really think that the Wave heading was based on this heading as it replicates the way the curtain folds in and out along the Pole/Track line. As all curtain headings, there is a mathematical way for the placement of the eyelets and you need to consider the bracket projection so there is clearance to the back of the curtain near the wall side. Traditionally you have 40mm/66mm eyelets but some new sizes are on the market. They are all to accommodate either a slim pole, anything from 28mm - 38mm, and the bigger eyelet can sit on a Pole from 45mm - 52mm. The range of finishes have now extended from Gunmetal to Bronze to the simple Satin Nickel. Inserting the eyelets using a machine press of course, can be pretty physical and gives your upper body a good workout, see the video below for a small insight to it...............

Chelsea Artisans Soft Furnishings

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