Case Study – Surrey Hills 2018

Case Study: Surrey Hills

Room: Lounge

Brief: 1 Door, 2 windows – 1 being a bay window. 2 Pairs of Curtains at the door and window, with Roman blinds at the bay window, along with a window seat and cushions.

The fabric which was used was a Peter Dunham, design Samarkand. Which has an unusual border printed to the left-hand side only of the fabric. So, the design was to use this border for the leading edges of the curtains, but also for the base of the Roman blinds. The window seat and cushions were a fabulous collection of different fabrics ranging from different colours and sizes.

We started with a check measure, to make sure we had all the relevant measures, with extra ones needed in the bay window. Also, to look at any possible problems for fitting, e.g. wiring and switches or cabinetry being built which will encroach in the window space.

Then with the arrival of the fabric, it was ready to cut on our bench. For the border to work along the leading edges of the curtains, it meant that the right-hand curtain was ok, but we needed to turn the fabric around so the border appeared on the right-hand side, which would work for the left-hand curtain – hence creating a pair. Luckily, the pattern meant we were able to do this, and a lot of forward thinking was needed.

We then had to tackle the blinds, for us to be able to have the border running along the base of the blind, it meant we had to cut it off first and then re-apply to the position needed. This was very challenging indeed and took quite a few hours to get right.

With this all done we could then move forward to the making stage, once that was completed, they were all pressed and packed. Window seat and cushions also completed, we were ready for installation day.

With our team of fitters, installation is completed and that was needed was a visit from myself and Paola to check and dress in the curtains, blinds, window seat and all the scatter cushions.

End result: Happy client and designer!