Summer reflection.....

Now we’re settling down into Autumn and looking at the changing of colours through the vibrant leaves on the trees and plants, it’s time to reflect on the summer and the work we have achieved.

We’ve had a summer of variety in soft furnishings ranging from outdoor box cushions at the start of the season to Arch shaped Curtains, soft pinch pleated Pelmets, gathered pelmets with flat top borders, cushions and Swags and Tails, they are definitely making a comeback and we’ve had some fabulous designs to create and several more projects to take us up to Christmas to complete.

We feel at the moment that there is a resurgence of traditional soft furnishings and fabric prints have been in abundance from large flower prints, Crewel work and with embroidery being featured heavily.

It’s been a summer of love to work with these fabrics and good to take a break from the greys and taupes of seasons before. It’s as though the heat made everyone inspired for design and colour this year!

Now, we are heading to our busiest time leading up to Christmas, here’s hoping that the vibrancy of fabric along with the creativity of each individual project continues………..