Adding Trim/Contrast fabric to Curtains………Or not?!

When you’re thinking about having a new pair of curtains, there are lots of things to consider. Have you seen a design in a magazine you want to replicate? Or perhaps something on the web.

But to really make it stand out from a plain pair of curtains you can add a trim or contrasting fabric to the leading edges of the curtains. I know a lot of people’s views are that it makes the curtains look too fussy, but it is all in your selection of fabrics and trim that deceivers this. That’s why we’re here to advise you what will work. And when it does, it looks fantastic! It changes the curtains into something special!

It’s worth spending more time and consideration on building your design; we have a huge range of fabrics and trims that all complement each other. You can then really show off to your friends that you have the ‘wow’ factor hanging at your windows.