Cushions Galour

Cushions are such an integral part of any room design, they add depth, warmth, interest and finish off the whole soft furnishing design scheme. They are so easy and affordable to change frequently, depending on the seasons, colour and fabric trends.

You do have to be careful though, that you do not overload your room space with cushions. There is nothing worse, than fighting with cushions on a sofa because there are too many of them, and there is no room to sit and relax.

What I love about cushions is there are no hard rules to follow, they can be a mixture of sizes, colours, prints and patterns – and really anything goes!! But when it comes down to the pads, feather pads win hands down! We have had experience with both polyester and feather inner pads, and the feel and look that feather pads give is second to none!

Now, the other debate about cushions is how to dress them. Different designers have their own opinion between a side chop and a top chop! There are plenty of images to demonstrate this – and personally I prefer a side chop on my cushions!! They are also one of my favourite soft furnishing items to make as you get immediate satisfaction when it’s sitting in its pad.

So, don’t be afraid to change it up, and experiment with scatter cushions with fabrics and colours that you wouldn’t normally go for – it’s not a make or break!!