The Make-up of Curtains

We’re all hoping that the coldest of the weather has been and gone, but there are things we can do for this or in preparation for next year to help keep out the cold.

When we make our bespoke Curtains, we will add an interlining which is made from Acylic or Wool, thick or thin which sits between the main face fabric and the lining. This is great as an insulation layer in Curtains and Blinds especially at drafty windows and doors. It will also help to protect, along with lining or blackout lining, the face fabric from sun damage and will extend the life of your Curtains and Blinds, also adding a luxurious look and feel.

To give our Curtains our bespoke look we have a selection of headings formulated with the use of buckram, this acts as a stiffener to keep the finished pleats in place especially through the years of use. Buckram headings are traditionally Triple pinch pleat or Double pinch pleat. For a more contemporary twist you have Cartridge or Cigarette headings, Goblet and Slash goblet where you can add a contrast fabric within the pleats. The newcomer of headings is the ‘Brisby’ heading, which is becoming very popular and gives as slim line finish.

Good quality handmade Curtains are a worthwhile investment that will last for years, keep out the sun and the cold, but most of all look fabulous!!