Beds, Beds, Beds

As Winter is on its way, it’s time to get your bedroom ready for some hardcore sleeping in, early nights and super cosy box sets in a bed dressed and fit for a Princess………..

Corona’s and Half Testers for beds have existed since literally time began with the idea of shaped and decorated pelmets attached to the wall above the headboard with fixed backdrops to fall behind the bed and headboard, with side curtains dressed into tie backs. Side Curtains and backdrops to be in fabrics that harmonize with each other whether it be plain or patterned.

Hotel Chic is always a favourite with crisp cotton pillow cases and sheets, layered with decorative cushions, bolsters, satin and velvet bedspreads and luxurious throws in faux fur, satin or cashmere. Colours of silver, grey, taupe and neutrals are a must!

Bold colours mixed together are popular this season along with colourful traditional prints in Luxe finishes that will make any place look perfectly polished. Try colours of deep raspberries, midnight blues and warm golds, and yes you can put them all together to create a stunning, warm and inviting bed.