The importance of fabric, you really do get what you pay for……

It’s always exciting to revisit a property and see how it has evolved but when you get a chance to revisit and be involved in a truly life changing extension it becomes even more exciting.

We first installed in this property back in 2006, so we knew there were going to be challenges.

The client wanted to use the existing poles and replicate them for new windows, our pole suppliers therefore had to match the wood finishes from poles that were over 10 years old. The finish is perfect and you would never know which are the old or new poles. We are lucky to have a great pole company that can rise to the challenge.

We have also had to use existing bay poles in new bays that have been built. There were lots of things to consider regarding this, but our faith was put in the building company to play their part but nothing that we couldn't achieve by working together.

Working with the curtains, we have had to adapt some of them to fit new windows in other areas of the house. This entailed making curtains smaller in width, and after 10 years we were very surprised how good the fabrics still looked along with the linings, this shows how important fabric selection is. So our advice is to choose your fabrics wisely, so they will stand the test of time!

For one particular room, the client had asked us to re-use two pairs of existing curtains which they still loved and if we could match fabrics and make new curtains for the additional windows in this room.

Again, because the fabrics were of good quality, the match was perfect.

So all in all a very success and fulfilling project was achieved!

Please visit our gallery to view the end results.