Protecting your room from the sun

Protecting your room from the Sun…..

Now the warmer weather is setting in and we are beginning to see the sun more and more, we forget how damaging it can be. I have seen some effects from the sun, where the fabric on the arms of chairs have thinned and split. Wallpaper has faded, and of course Curtains which get the main brunt of the Sun. The worst I have seen is the fabric on the leading edges of curtains, thinned and disintegrated and we have had to apply a contrast to the leading edges to hide all the sun damage.

There are ways that you can protect your room from the sun and this is by using Blinds. I’m not talking Roman Blinds as these are fabric made and can still discolour and disintegrate over years of sun exposure. I’m talking Venetian blinds and Roller blinds.

Venetian Blinds: In my opinion these are the better out of the two, mainly because the options of materials are more hardwearing to face the strength of the sun. Either Wood or Metal, both are great and now there are so many colours available in both finishes to compliment your room. They are so easy to use with a tilt and turn motion, blocking the sun out immediately and not only protecting the room but also keeping it cool from the high temperatures.

Roller Blinds: This is the other option and come in a varied selection from standard rollers to Blackout rollers to voile rollers and now a Duo roller is new to the market. This is made up of horizontal bands of solid and opaque panels, so when fully down it still let’s light into the room.

So it really is a good idea to invest in some kind of blind to protect your room from the sun. If you need more advise which one would be suitable for your window and room, please contact us.