Call an expert!!

Why should you use a bespoke curtain maker?

There are so many reasons, but possibly the most important is the advice that they will give. Any good curtain maker will have a wealth of experience and be able to advise on tracks, poles and the laws on child safety. Fabric is a big factor and choosing the correct one for your window treatment and taking into consideration durability and suitability.

The second reason is the measuring! Its quite a daunting task to take your own measures and take it to a curtain maker or soft furnishing shop to make from those measures. Our website has clear diagrams to show how to measure accurately, but we would never make from those measures. This would be just an indication for us to be able to give you a quote on cost and fabric. We would always come and do a check measure to take all the measures that are needed, and that should be part of the service of any bespoke curtain maker.

The third reason is the linings and interlinings. Again, as with the selection of fabrics, the linings and interlinings are just as important. There are so many on the market now, but all do different jobs, so we are here to make sure you choose the right one!

Lastly, the installation. With a team of experienced fitters behind us, from putting a simple pole up to a more complicated window e.g. bay window / shaped window. We have done it all, so let us take the stress away and enjoy your experience of having new curtains, blinds and any new soft furnishing products!